East Ave Grocery Run & Life Update

November 10th, 2017 

carHello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween season. Mine was a little more scary than I would have liked. After completing my segment on seasonal adult drinks I was in a car accident. My car hydroplaned on the thruway and hit the guardrail on either side of the road. Miraculously I was not hurt, my car however, was a different story. It was my second car accident of that severity in 18 months so I’ve been trying very hard to use the gift of being alive to make a difference.

Last Saturday some friends and I ran the East Ave Grocery Run in order to celebrate physical fitness AND to give back to those in need who live in the Rochester community. My initial goal for our team was $100. We surpassed that and raised $265 for 23131599_10154886043307385_8864053517779409682_nFoodlink and other organizations that alleviate food insecurity (not having consistent access to food) in the community. I felt so good after that experience both physically and spiritually that I wanted to do more. So I’m committing myself to running a 5K each month for a year! All of the 5Ks that I have picked benefit a specific cause, most of them nutrition related. I do have to admit, that January has proven to be a tough month to find a good race, so if you can find one, let me know! Feel free to join me in running a race or be on my fundraising team! I’ll be posting updates as I can. 🙂

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